I have a custom content type in my drupal installation called Stores. While creating a new content for Stores I have a checkbox where I can select multiple zip codes.

I have created a view with my store listing and I want to add an option for the user to have a text box where s/he can enter a zip code and the store list gets filtered based on this. I have exposed the zip code field as a filter in the view. However since this is a multi-select field the filter shows up as a drop down to the user instead of a text box. I want a empty free-flow text box instead of a drop-down with all the zip codes in it.

I really appreciate any help or pointers regarding this..

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You are looking for Finder module, it will display the autocomplete dropdown list to the users.

Finder allows Drupal site administrators to create flexible faceted search forms to find entities such as nodes or users based on the values of fields and database attributes. enter image description here

  • That looks awesome, thank you! I will certainly check it out Sep 15, 2013 at 9:29

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