I need some suggestions, I am not sure which direction to go to do this, but I need to do 4 different landing pages, with 4 different urls, example http://site.com/landingpage?blue=1, http://site.com/landingpage?blue=2.

Now everything is almost the same on the landing pages except for a banner thats going to be on the front and on 2 of the landing pages the layout will be different. I am using panels for the pages. Should I make 4 different panels for them or can panels allow me to change different elements on certain urls? How would I do that using panels? Or would you suggest a different module?

Any suggestions is appreciated, Thanks

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a way to do something like you are talking about is creating one panel page with panels variants and showing each one depending on selection rules. Creating variant

selection rules Regards.


You can use View Mode Page to achieve this. Just create a new view mode per page, which if you want the same display, just clone it for each view mode and apply the styling with CSS for each view mode.

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