I need to display the attributes of the widgets in the representations in the Form add to cart, at the moment I have shown only a choice of the number and Add to Cart button

Now this (is not right): Now this (is not right):

How do I need to make it (what you need): How do I need to make it (what you need):

In the second image I have in the base table of contents it is possible to select the field of Content: Product variations and in it there are all the necessary attributes to me colors and sizes.

In the first image I have a base table Search API prime field Commerce item: Form add to cart in does not display attributes such as color or size selection, I can not achieve that result as the second image I have of the field Content: Product variations, as it were, I did not connect the relationship, the entity does not have the right, there is a field Indexed, Commerce item and some of the fields Content.

This capability is necessary for me to make a quick order from the catalog.

  • I understood your requirement, but it will not understandable by all, better edit your post and ask your question clearly.
    – Bala
    Sep 18, 2013 at 6:41

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Try to use instead Content: Product variations field Content: Rendered Node witn selected to render custom view mode like a "Product variation".

In display custom view mode should be disable all fields, but Add to cart form keep enable.

  • Спасибо, Андрей :) Oct 27, 2013 at 9:54

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