I have installed the CKEditor module, the CKEditor library and the CKFinder library.
I have modified correctly the file config.php and the file settings.php, but when I want login in my site, I don't get the permission for access. If I comment the variable cookie_domain I can access at the site and all working properly, but I get a message error that say: "You are using a feature that requires $cookie_domain to be set, but it is not set in your settings.php file (CKFinder is enabled in the Advanced profile)". What can I do?

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set the $cookie_domain variable in sites/default/settings.php

$cookie_domain = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];

Uncomment the $base_url variable and set the base URL of your website (without the trailing slash).

Another option if you have the Drupal Domain access module installed use

$base_domain = explode('.', $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']);
$base_domain = '.' . implode($base_domain, '.');

$cookie_domain = $base_domain;

Here is the reference to the answer

  • I have already uncomment the $base_url and I have set the base URL of my site. I'll try your option for the $cookie_domain
    – erarklin
    Sep 19, 2013 at 8:27

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