I have 3 content types:

1. Client Fields: business name, description, contact name (all standard text fields)

Field collection (called 'client campaign'): Fields: Entity reference field to campaign content type - so I can select campaign to tie this client to.

2. Campaign Fields: Campaign brief, campaign duration, campaign budget, campaign monthly hours (all standard text fields)

Field collection (called 'collection publishers'): fields, publisher status (paid, live, dead, pending) [select list], publisher live date [pop up date], publisher payment amount [integer], Entity reference field to publisher field - so I can select publisher from drop down

3. Publishers

Fields: website url, name, contact email, payment method (all standard text fields)

If I now:

1) add a client (create one client node) 2) add a campaign (create one campaign node)

I now can add publishers to my campaigns via the field collection added to this content type (collection publishers) This is set to unlimited to I can add as many as I want, in each one I can add in details for each publisher such as 'payment amount' 'live date' and all the other fields that are within this collection.

This all works fine but I need to be able to see all my publishers in one view with details of them and 'reverse' add them to a campaign all at once, perhaps via checkboxes. This will save loads of time. I tried an editable view but cannot seem to get this to work. I am not sure why. It is almost like I need to somehow write to the database without opening up the publisher node..

Was wondering it anyone out there can give me some pointers here or just tell me I am doing it all wrong! I don't mind which.

(the end goal here is to track publishers working across multiple campaigns and then I can see what's gong on at all times through views I'll create)


Thanks for any help in advance. Diagram of Drupal set up

How the campign node edit form looks currently

This is how I'd prefer this to look - using editable views here which would suffice I think

Screengrab 2 shows how the current campaign node edit form looks - the field collection is showing the publisher nodes.

Screengrab 3 shows how I would probably like this to look, an editable view of publishers that I can assign a campaign to then save. However, this may not work as publishers can work over many campaigns...

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It looks like you need Corresponding Entity References:

It syncs the entity reference between two entity types which have an entity reference to each other, so double editing entities is no longer needed. If one entity has a reference, the other entity also receives a reference to the saved entity if it is referenced in that entity.

  • Hi, thank you very much for the response. However, I don't just want to reference I need more than that. I want to reference a bunch of publishers AND specific information that only relates to that publisher and that specific campaign. For example, Publisher A might work on Campaign B for $100, Campaign C for $12 and Campaign D for $459. I need to also somehow 'store' this information on the campaign node so I can reference it through a view for my records. This is a great module there's a very good tutorial for it here: youtube.com/watch?v=g_nBEj0yGa4 Commented Sep 20, 2013 at 12:24

I do all that you want with the following modules:

  • entityconnect - edit entityreference in content
  • entityreference - call node is an nother content into creatting content
  • field_collection - call entityreference in ones
  • field_collection_table - option view display table in another necessary views (when u want display untimited entityreference field in views)
  • field_collection_views - diplay all content of field collection to views into node

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