In twig_render_template(), I see this drupal_container()->get('twig')->loadTemplate($template_file)->render($variables). But I can not see where the twig service is defined.

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    I found it: \Drupal\Core\CoreServiceProvider::registerTwig() Sep 22, 2013 at 8:34

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The class that registers the Twig service is CoreServiceProvider which, in CoreServiceProvider::register() (the method that every service provider needs to implement), uses the following code.

  // The 'request' scope and service enable services to depend on the Request
  // object and get reconstructed when the request object changes (e.g.,
  // during a subrequest).
  $container->addScope(new Scope('request'));

The class used for the Twig service is not the Twig_Environment class that Symfony implements, but a subclass of it (TwigEnvironment) implemented by Drupal.

The other registered service is twig.loader.filesystem, which uses the Symfony's Twig_Loader_Filesystem class.

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