Just trying to start creating prefab lists (of modules etc.) and building my site development environment at the moment. I'm trying to call sudo drush dl (list of modules) and it works until it can't find one and stops the entire process.

Is there a switch I can use to get drush to continue through the list and perhaps even list the terms which failed to download (not important). I've just seen a sentence alluding to creating your own drush commands, but figured I'd check the community first as that could take a big chunk of scarce time!

Thank you for contributing to this great site, hopefully one day I can return the favour!

  • This is really a Bash question, and therefore off topic for this forum. There is a special Bash variable you can set to allow processing to continue; I did a brief search for it, and did not find it. Wade through man bash, and you'll find it. Sep 24, 2013 at 3:46
  • Thanks for your help, today I realised bash is going to be important soon. I'll check that out. I found my answer playing around with drush yesterday, so will add the answer now
    – Pres
    Sep 24, 2013 at 19:10

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Sorry... Found out how to work around such a situation:

By skipping the explicit download function dl and just using the enable encommand

cd module path

drush en file list

you get an automatic download option, which I think by adding -y you can automatically answer yes to all pompts. It's just a problem that sometimes the module names won't always match the package name.

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