I need to

  • Create new nodes (W/12 fields) hourly from a new table/fields in the Drupal DB (x_table).
  • Update currently created nodes via current x_table rows.

  • Delete nodes once the row has been removed from x_table.

My skill sets do not include coding, and for years I have gotten by with the great Drupal modules, although I haven't had to import/update/delete rotating 10,000+ nodes. I previously used Feeds w/out updating, and it was extremely slow.

I've been reading I should be using the Migrate module and/or Drush. (I understand that Drush is part of Migrate)?? Anyhow I have installed the migrate module, but I have been completely baffled for an hour by their UI. It seems I need to create some data/text files for it to work, which is why I was trying to use the UI.

I feel that it will likely be best to create these scripts using Drush and calling them hourly via cron.

My question is, how do I create the script?? I'm not quite sure how to map the fields either? Could someone suggest a page showing this, or put together a quick example to work off of? 30 mn's of using the search engine hasn't shown me much, mostly only using csv files, etc. and not pulling from a database.

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.


In your module for the migration use this code:

function YOURMODULENAME_cron() {
$last_run = variable_get('YOURMODULENAME_last_cron', 0);
$interval = variable_get('YOURMODULENAME_cron_interval', 60);//60 seconds
if(time() - $last_run > $interval)
   variable_set('YOURMODULENAME_last_cron', time());//track the last_run time
   $migration = Migration::getInstance($machine_name);
   $result = $migration->processImport();

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