I am using the Sharethis Module and i want to sort some views by the number of total shares. But if i am understanding it correctly the values are not stored in the drupal database. Instead they are pulled from the Sharethis Servers. How can i store these values in the Drupal Database ?

  • Pull them from sharethis servers the same way module does? In hook_cron, for example? – Mołot Sep 25 '13 at 11:26

You can use the Social Stats module to do that.

This is a statistics module. It provides data from various social media sites. The data which is saved per node includes data from:

  1. Facebook : likes count, shares count, comments count & total count.
  2. Twitter : tweets count.
  3. LinkedIn : share count.
  4. Google Plus : plus one count
  5. Total shares

Note: This is a sandbox project. I'm the author of the module.

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