I would like to hide language names (like "English", "Español", "Magyar", etc.) in the "Language switcher" block, and display only country flags, because I have Language icons module installed, and the flags are unambiguous enough for navigating between different languages.

I already set language elements to be displayed in an "inline" style and hide language switcher block's title in my stylesheet file (in a Zen sub-theme) like this:

#block-locale-0 li{
    list-style-image: none;
#block-locale-0 .title{

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OK, in the meantime I found the perfect solution which I earlier just simply overlooked: there's a really simple configuration option in Language icons module's settings in http://<yoursite>/admin/settings/language/icons (D7: http://<yoursite>/admin/config/regional/language/icons) .

You have to set "Icon placement" option from "Before link" or "After link" to "Replace link", which results in displaying only the country flags.

Here are some screenshots (on the admin site I'm currently using RootCandy Dark):


"Before link" - on the admin site

AFTER (on the admin site):

"Replace link" - on the admin site

AFTER (on the main site's right sidebar [design is strongly under development :P]):

The result (only country flags)


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