I want to integrate the API of job news to display news of different companies. I need to let my system access the data through the API.

How can I integrate it with my website? Can anyone help me by telling me a way or giving some idea for the integration process?

  • Well. It fully depends on how these API's are exposing the data. SOAP, REST, XMLRPC or a simple XML feed? – Jacqueline Oct 2 '13 at 15:08

With Feeds module you can import data from other sources to your Drupal installation. I would create a new content type for the jobs, and import the data with Feeds module into this newly created content type.

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  • I am using the feed module and RSS. And I am getting the list of google news. But I want to filter the news result depending on any string. eg, hdfc so I want to see result for HDFC. – sneha.kamble Oct 4 '13 at 5:22

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