I have tried the following code corolla theme's template.php

 * Implements template_preprocess_node().
function corolla_preprocess_node(&$variables) {
  $flag = flag_get_flag('sold'); // Machine name of your flag.
  if ($flag && $flag->is_flagged($variables['node']->nid)) {
    $variables['classes_array'][] = 'node-flag-sold';

This is supposed to add CSS class="node-flag-sold" next to "node". But looking through my firebug, there arenosuch classes added.

Please note, that my node--content-type.tpl.php is custom rewritten. Do I need to add anything there?

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The preprocess code looks reasonably correct.

Make sure you're printing out the $classes variable in your custom node--content-type.tpl.php

e.g, in the wrapper div here:

<div id="node-<?php print $node->nid; ?>" class="<?php print $classes; ?> clearfix"<?php print $attributes; ?>>

<!-- Node template content ... --> 

</div><!-- /.node -->

If curious, $variables['classes_array'] is flattened into $variables['classes'] in template_process with

// Flatten out classes.
$variables['classes'] = implode(' ', $variables['classes_array']);

In D7, process functions are introduced, running after preprocess functions.

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