How can I highlight the checkbox boxes when be validated a CCK field? (CCK 2.9). Data is validated correctly, and message is displayed correctly in the head of the form, but the checkboxes does not appear highlighted.

$quantity_options = count($form_state['values']['field_checkboxes']);
if ($quantity_options > 2) {
form_set_error('field_checkboxes', 'message.');

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Have a look if the class error has been added to your <input>. It has on my side, it's the CSS that does not highlight the elements properly.

You can either adjust your stylesheet for .form-item input.error or you can use a piece of jQuery to make the parent of the radios styleable, such as

$('.form-radios:not(.error):has(.form-item input.error)').addClass('error');

Another option would be to add the appropriate class via the Drupal's theming system (theme_optionwidgets_buttons()).

  • thanks for your answer. the class error is in the checkbox. So I think that the problem is related with compatibility of CSS with checkboxes. for example (sucessfuly): .form-item input[type="checkbox"].error{ outline: 2px solid red; } so can be controlled using respective rules according crossbrowsers tips.
    – cigotete
    Aug 8, 2011 at 18:27

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