I notice that although the Autocomplete term widget (tagging) happily autocompletes terms with their right letter case, after saving the terms are changed to lower case. E.g. I have two tags "Drupal" and "drupal" and although I autocomplete "Drupal" and save the node, what gets saved is "drupal".

Is there a way to force case-sensitivity for this widget -- or vocabulary?


You are looking for Termcase module, It will do that.

It prevents users to use different cases on terms. With termcase you can make sure all terms in a vocabulary begin with an uppercase or that they are all formatted to lowercase.

enter image description here

There are five options available:

  • No formatting
  • Ucfirst: convert the first character of the term to uppercase
  • Lowercase: convert all characters of the term to lowercase
  • Uppercase: convert all characters of the term to uppercase
  • Propercase: convert the first character of earch word to uppercase

You can define these settings per vocabulary. The module even enables you to update all existing terms in a vocabulary and select whether or not you want to convert synonyms as well.

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