I'm pretty new to OG and I'm testing a collaborative intranet site at this moment with Drupal7 and Organic Groups 7.x-2.3.

It is a simple app for a small group where all the members know each other and can be trusted. We're working on a Degrowth Workshop (link to the workshop announcement, in Spanish).

I've used OG to set the organizers in the different work areas (catering, activities, kids, lodging,...), have lists grouped by... groups (of course), and create a customized homepage for the members of the different groups. Everything ok until this point.

Now what I want is that everyone (all registered users - there's NO access to anonymous) have access, can read, write, edit, comment, etc to any node, whether it be of their group or not.

I'm fighting with the Field Settings, Permissions and roles but can't get to achieve it and there's always some hidden content to members of different groups. I've read quite a few solutions to similar issues but can't get a clue.

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Organic groups controls (Organic Groups Global Permissions) are different from your site permission, roles etc. To allow authenticated users the required permission, configure the organic groups global permission:

Navigate to: Configuration -> Organic Groups Global Permissions (drupal/admin/config/group/permissions), here you will find the controls over who can view and edit nodes and fields on your group pages.

Few reference for the organic groups permission:

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