Let me see if I can explain what I need.

1) I need some tabbed buttons listed first:

View All | Category 1 | Category 2 | Category 3

2) For each button, clicking the tab should opens an area to display:

Other tabbed buttons (to the left).

Current | Future | Past

Each of the buttons/views has a grid and a table display each (to the right).

Grid | List

Those are all views (example: Category 1 - Current - Grid format view, Category 1 - Current - Table format view).

I can probably use quicktabs module to display my top level tabs, but how to achieve #2?


I did something similar using the module Views Field View.

Module Page Description:

This module allows you to embed a view as a field in a view. A new field handler is made available, so this can also be used in area (header/footer/empty) handlers as well as rows.

This view handler can accept arguments from fields of the parent view using tokens and pass them into the child view for each row. Raw or rendered token values can be used, as well as static values.

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