I maintain a Drupal 6 site for a team of scuba-divers.
Given the discontinued support for Drupal 6, I am looking at upgrading the site to Drupal 7.

We primarily communicate by e-mail, so we have set up a Messaging+Notifications thing, where users can subscribe to new nodes of a given node-type, with one primary purpose: When a boat-commander arranges a new diving trip (node-type) all interested divers receive a notification mail, so they can sign-in to the trip.
The same functionality goes for clubhouse events and articles in general (secondary).

Mails are formatted so, that they contain a link to the node on the site (obviously), and they also contain a link to unsubscribe to further mails of same kind.

It seems Messaging+Notifications are not (actively) maintained on D7, so I am looking for an alternative.

I have tried a Commons distro, but I just cannot get the grasp of the Messages (log?) and Flags concept. It seems to me that it is build to click-to-follow existing posts, but I want to have the option to always follow posts of a certain kind.

Am I misunderstanding the Messages module, or am I looking at a wrong module?

  • I think you're rather not fully understanding the Message module (no "s"!) ... If you'd combine it with the Message Notify module, then you'd have a 1st class alternative. For more details, refer to my answer to this question. Nov 29, 2016 at 7:45

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A project that is similar in scope to Notifications and is actively supported for Drupal 7 is Subscriptions.

You may also want to look at some of the more lightweight notification modules. The project Notify is designed to send out notifications whenever new content of a certain content type appear (Disclosure: I am the maintainer of Notify).

There is a Notifications via e-mail comparison at Groups.Drupal.org. This gives you a good idea of what is available for Drupal 7.

  • Yes, I know Message. The OP asks about how to automate e-mail notifications about new content. The Message framework is for generating in-site messages for new events. I think it is off-topic for what the OP asks about. Nov 18, 2016 at 11:57

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