I'm trying to create a page with content that looks like this:

the layout that I'm trying to create

I'm using CKEditor to edit the content, and it allows me to add images to the article. However, the images need to be already present at some URL.

Is there a way I can upload an image (the image of the doctor with a pad) to my drupal site separately, and then use its URL to insert the image in my article?

In other words, how do I upload just an image to my drupal site so that it can be used elsewhere?


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You should do something like this.

Have two regions, one with the content (ie the left blurry blob). And one called sidebar. The sidebar region would have a block that you would add the right image. And a block (which I assume would be something like a view or maybe it's manually added) to do the Related Links.

Then you could have a content header region for the top part.

So you would end up with

|  Content Header  |
| Content | Sidebar|

Or at least that is how I would do it.


You could just install the IMCE module, which will allow you to upload images and insert them into CKEditor/WYSIWYG fields. You can use the IMCE module regardless of whether you want to insert the image into your content node directly or make a separate block.

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