I have a drupal 6 instance and I want to make it so when I create a content type (for example movies) it would create 2 sub pages (reviews, and photos). So if I went to

www.site.com/movie-BLAHBLAH/ it would load the node content type info and

www.site.com/movie-BLAHBLAH/reviews/ it would display a page where I could theme the page.tpl.php file to do what i want it to do. and same with the other one.

Is this possible somehow?


See the CCK Fieldgroup Tabs module for Drupal 6. It displays CCK fieldgroups in tabs. Enables splitting up content onto tabs in both editing and display.

Note: For Drupal 7, see the Field group module, which includes tabs support.


Yes you can do this. Just like the node module has create an url where all nodes are visible: node/[nid] you could create path for node/[nid]/review and create a custom page that display the reviews for that node.

This is done by the use of hook_menu.


It sounds to me like what you really ought to do is create 3 content types, movies, reviews & photos. And use something like references or relation to keep them related to each other.

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