I'm managing a content sharing site built on drupal 7 and I would like to let users submit links as content.

Is there a simple way of creating a thumbnail / preview of the link (like on facebook)?


I think Opengraph Filter is a better solution than Facebook-Style Micropublisher since FBSMP relies on Statuses module and both modules are not very stable yet and also they serve for a more specific purpose. Opengraph Filter does only that what you need.

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This module might help

Facebook-style Micropublisher

This module lets users publish content (links, images, videos and documents) in a stream


  • Attaches content using AHAH which keeps everything smooth.

  • Ability to re-share/re-post attachments (links, images, etc).

  • API to allow users to share content (URL) from other sites on your website (similar to Google Bookmarks, Digg, Reddit links). More...

  • Publish links, photos, videos, documents (ppt, doc, pptx, odt, etc) out of the box.

  • Extensible to publish any kind of content.

  • Integration with Activity 2, Twitter, Rules, Heartbeat, Triggers/Actions, Input Filters, Views, ImageCache, Token,
    Application Toolbar(Appbar), Emvideo, Emaudio, Userpoints (through
    Rules), SlideShare.net API and more.

  • Extensive developer API (including hooks) and theming methods. More...

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    Do you think this module is what was asked for and will serve the purpose?..As far as I know, this module is meant for attaching contents to FBSS and has a dependency on it. And here the question poster wants to have similar functionality for field added to content type. Though maybe the code fbsmp uses can be used.:) – Neo Oct 9 '13 at 7:23

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