We are struggling around here with SVG in IE8. Amongst other approaches we'ld also like to try the SVG Web Toolkit. In it's quick start guide they say:

To use SVG Web, you must drop a script tag into your HTML page. This must be the first script tag on your page.

The JS is now loaded by a custom module. I tried

drupal_add_js($modulepath . '/libraries/svg.js', array(
   'group' => JS_LIBRARY,
   'weight' => -1000,
   'every_page' => TRUE));

When I vary these options it's sometimes higher, sometimes lower. The above code makes it the highest I can get it. But there still are quite a number of scripts loaded prior to it.

How can we ensure the svg.js to load first? Is there maybe a way to do it with drupal_add_js in our custom module?


Can you try with hook_js_alter


You can install the js_injector module in which you can choose the priority of your .js file

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