I want to be able to provide alternative payment methods during checkout, but I also want to be able to discount or add on top of the total checkout price by a percentage depending on what the user chooses to pay with. How can this be done? I know you would use rules, but which sections would i need to edit?

** edit - I was able to edit up the the "pricing rules" page, but now i get an error for Order Total. I want to be able to mutltiply the order total as seen below. I'm not sure what to put after the colon : of order total.

enter image description here


In the checkout methods rules you should be able to add an action that decreases the total or subtotal cost. So when a certain payment method is used, the subtotal will decrease.

If one of those rules actions isn't available you might need to look at some other modules like Commerce Rules Extra.

Another option would be to apply coupons automatically to orders with those selected payment methods with the Commerce Coupon and Commerce Coupon Fixed Amount modules. That might give you better control over how many times a user or how many users can use a discount like this.


With Commerce Fees, you can add fees to a order, use the event and action that the module provides.

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