I'm coding a custom module to make shipping by a delivery entreprise which is not having module compatible with drupal commerce.

So, I give choice to customer between 2 shipping methods :

  • colissimo( french official delivery method ) using existing module.

  • exapaq ( custom module I try to code ).

This is working but exapaq doesn't deliver to customer's home but to shops or commerces where customers can have their order.

So, after customer select shipping method, I would like to test which is selected and, if this is exapaq, add a new form to allow customer select where he want to go taking its order.

The problem is that I don't have any idea on where can I do this test and how can I insert a new form before to go on order review page.

  • NOTE : I have see there is an ajax request when I change shipping method ( choice input ), maibe I can just add my form at the bottom of choice field if exapaq choice is selected. – tyd01 Oct 11 '13 at 13:03

The payment panes makes this kind of interaction possible through a "details form" that open when you select the payment method that has this configured, and this is great because everything happens on the same page via ajax. But i don't know if Commerce Shipping has this too. If not, i think that the best way for you to make this is to create a Checkout Page specific for your Shipping Method and create a Checkout Pane with your form to be in this page.

You can take a look at how https://drupal.org/project/commerce_correios handle this situation, because it's a Shipping Method too, so the API should have a lot in common with what you need.

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