I want to have one profile with some fields shown during registration and other fields not shown during registration. I can't seem to do this.

I am using the Profile2 module (drupal.org/project/profile2)

From what I can see, a profile selected to "Show during user account registration" will show all fields associated with that profile during registration. And a profile that is not selected to show during registration will not show any fields during registration.

I am not seeing any options within a profile to make a given field override the selected setting for the profile.

So currently I have two profiles for the users - one with the fields I want shown during registration and a second profile with the fields I don't want shown during registration.

The result is two profile links for the user, which is not what I want.

How can I make a given profile field override the profile's registration setting?

Thanks for your answer, CR47. I am currently unable to select your response as the answer or even add comments because of a JavaScript problem. I will select your answer as soon as the error is resolved.


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The field permissions module should help with this. You can set individual permissions on fields of user and node entities. If you set a field permission to be visible to only authenticated users, then it won't show on the sign up page.

Here is an example with screenshots:

These are the fields I have in Profile 2 enter image description here

When editing the field for "Will not be visible" I scroll to Field visiblity and permissions and select custom. Then check the types of users that can see/edit values for themselves and others. By default everything is only checked for admin. enter image description here

Then when going to create an account you can see the "Will not be visible" field is not visible. enter image description here

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