Hey I'm new to drupal and trying to create a calendar that users can publish different items to.

there are different roles involved say: worker, supervisor, manager.

workers are divided into groups.

Are there modules that would allow a supervisor or manager to post an event that 1) only a single worker could see, 2) that only a group of workers could see, 3) that everyone could see.

Would user-relationships handle this?

  • Content Access worked well until I added Organic groups to my site. Currently content can be published as private or to a group but I'm having issues in displaying the events in a single calendar. I'm currently stuck on trying to display a calendar view that shows all content from the current users groups and all his personal content (on the same calendar view) I can get one showing or the other. ie: I can show all the group content without the personal content or the personal content without the group content. Looking to combine the two. Nov 11, 2013 at 17:04

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Events are nothing but nodes so you finding for a solution to have node access for a user, user role, or to all will give you the answer

Might the following modules can do this for you



  • Cheers @arpitr I'll look into it. Oct 14, 2013 at 13:55

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