I have a number of CKEditor profiles, some of which use CKFinder to upload images. However, for one profile I want to remove the option to browse the server within the CKFinder dialogue, whilst retaining it for another profile.

Is this possible?

There's a similar question answered here, but it only deals with removing the button globally (as far as I can see):


  • what drupal modules are you using ? just the drupal ckeditor module ? wysiwyg module + ckeditor !?!
    – tenken
    May 2, 2013 at 3:45

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In case anyone else end up on this link to look for a solution. I am using wysiwyg, IMCE, IMCE wysiwyg api bridge, and ckeditor.

Configuration -> Media -> IMCE -> Role-profile assignments

select User-1 or any other profile according to your setting.

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