Does Drupal have a system for noticing and logging changes to existing content into a database or a file log? I am interested in something equivalent to database triggers.

I am also interested in Feeds in particular as a lot of the data will be loaded from external sources. Do Feed imports have such a facility?

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    Nodes do have such a system, yes: drupal.org/node/320614. It can't be implemented at the database level, as not all the db engines that Drupal supports themselves support triggers
    – Clive
    Oct 16, 2013 at 15:23

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There is the Track Field Changes module which appears to have little support. And also a -dev version of Node Changes module with many more contributors and more recent updates.

Both modules allow you to track field level changes on Nodes essentially. From Node Changes:

This module stores the changes of a node into a field attached to comments allowing to display a kind-of activity stream on the node much like on drupal.org issues just with a lot less custom code.

I don't believe either makes use of database triggers.

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