I use better exposed filters with views. I chose to show field "term reference" as hierarchical checkboxes on my exposed filter. It works great.

But now I need to add quantity of nodes having certain term near each checkbox inside filter. What is the best way to do it? Thank you!


I ended up with editing \sites\all\modules\better_exposed_filters\better_exposed_filters.theme

Inside it I made a query to field_data_, got all terms with nodes count:

function theme_select_as_checkboxes:

$res = db_query('SELECT field_dance_styleee_tid, COUNT(*) as count FROM field_data_field_dance_styleee GROUP BY field_dance_styleee_tid'); $allNodes = array(); while($record = $res->fetchAssoc()){ $allNodes[$record['field_dance_styleee_tid']] = $record; }

Then passed $allNodes to

  $output .= bef_checkbox($element, $key, $value, array_search($key, $selected_options) !== FALSE, $allNodes);

function bef_checkbox($element, $value, $label, $selected, $allNodes=array()) {

$value = check_plain($value); $label = check_plain($label); $id = drupal_html_id($element['#id'] . '-' . $value); // Custom ID for each checkbox based on the 's original ID $properties = array( '#required' => FALSE, '#id' => $id, '#type' => 'bef-checkbox', '#name' => $id, );

// Prevent the select-all-none class from cascading to all checkboxes if (!empty($element['#attributes']['class']) && FALSE !== ($key = array_search('bef-select-all-none', $element['#attributes']['class']))) { unset($element['#attributes']['class'][$key]); }

// Unset the name attribute as we are setting it manually. unset($element['#attributes']['name']);

$checkbox = '';

$properties['#children'] = "$checkbox $label". (( $element['#name'] == 'field_dance_styleee_tid' && isset($allNodes[$value]) )? "(".$allNodes[$value]['count'].")" : '')."";

$output = theme('form_element', array('element' => $properties)); return $output; }

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