I checked this module page, it have the download option for Drupal 9 version. Why is Drupal 9 is launched when there isn't an official stable Drupal 8 release? Is there anything wrong with Drupal 8?

Why did they ignore Drupal 8? I also found the Drupal 9 development snapshot release.


Well the "Bad Judgment" module you linked to claims:

This module provides an explicit dependency for modules whose usage requires bad judgement. Joke modules often require "bad judgement".

So I wouldn't take that version number too seriously.

From the core download page you linked to:

Placeholder for the Drupal 9.x release. Not intended for actual use by anyone except the issue queue version selector.

It's just a placeholder for the next version (forward-thinking and all that). It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with Drupal 8, and it doesn't mean Drupal 9 will be out any time soon.

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    A tiny thing I want to add is that the 9.x branch was created in the issue queue when the feature freeze for D8 approached. There has to be somewhere to put those issues/features that get rejected from D8. :)
    – Letharion
    Oct 19 '13 at 17:49

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