I am theming an administrative page.
There are 2 roles (admin, role2) that have access to all the administrative pages. Now, I want to restrict the access to some URLs to the role2 role: Users with that role should be redirected to other pages. How is this done using the template?

I know I can use permissions to restrict the access, but I want to restrict the access basing on the URL being visited.


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You can implement hook_menu_alter in your custom module and can provide function for 'access callback' property of the menu item.


 * Implements hook_menu_item_alter()
function custom_feature_menu_alter(&$items) {

  $items['admin/structure/types']['access callback'] = 'custom_feature_access_callback';


 * Custom access callback

function custom_feature_access_callback($arg) {

  global $user;

  $roles = array_keys($user->roles);

  //Adding condition for the user roles. You can change 3 to your user role. I have tested this with administrator user role
  if (in_array(3, $roles)) {

    return FALSE;
  else {
    return TRUE;


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