I was installing the panels module when all of a sudden my site went to white screen of death with a whole bunch of error messages. (Check this out here: http://graphbyte.co/fuck.png ).

Right before I tried to install panels I had abandoned the process of creating a custom page. I realized I hadn't enabled the panels module, which I needed for this custom page, so I jumped into the modules page and attempted to install it.

I tried deactivating the panel module directly from the database but that had no impact on the situation.

What can I do??? Please helllllp!!




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OK I found out that that error in particular is due to not having a large enough allowed packet size in your mysql configuration. Here is a bit more info on that:


If you're running LAMP, here is how you can create a configuration file and increase your max packet size limit:



For reference, here's a link to the Drupal.org documentation to check WSOD problems: https://drupal.org/node/158043

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