I am using the default theme garland in Drupal 7.23 with a superfish menu put on the first sidebar block . (the side on the left).

But when I try to open the menu, and on my content block I have a view or a nivo slideshow block the menu is hidden. Where should I put the z-index? (tried on the theme and on the menu but nothing worked)

Thank you

  • Since garland theme has no "main-menu", i have edited the id "sidebar-first" and now it works. Thanks for the tip, and I will read how to subclass the theme so I can put a custom CSS instead modify the standard theme. thank you
    – LuciferSam
    Oct 24, 2013 at 10:49

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In page.tpl.php page search with keyword menu,

 <div id="main-menu" style="z-index:99">

you can put style z-inex here.

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