So I have built a View that uses Apache Solr to display products on my Ubercart site from the Solr index. Swell. Now Ubercart typically lets me add a 'Buy-it-Now'/ Add to Cart button as a field in most views but for some reason in this view that is not possible.

How do I add a 'Buy-it-Now'/ Add to Cart field to this view?


You can use one of the hooks provided by apache solr to alter your search results : hook_apachesolr_process_results

and you could append 'Buy it Now' button as well by using hook_theme()

Apache solr hooks

  • I did not get a chance to attempt your answer; however, I feel like if my problem was a little more complicated these options would have come in handy. – kevinaskevin Nov 1 '13 at 20:19

Okay so I was not able to try out gj. 's answer because I figured this out using the Views Field View module.

I created a sub view called 'Buy it now Button'. This view displays just a buy it now button field with one result that takes a contextual filter with Node ID as an argument. I added the view 'Buy it now Button' as a field in my faceted search view and everything works fine.

The only thing extra to note was that I had to add an invisible Node ID field to the search view which I could then pass as an argument to the View Field (conditional arguments are supported by Views Field View)

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