I am trying to integrate travis test bots to my module. Travis can run the test correctly, in console log, I can see drush run-test discover pass and fail assertions, but the final result is still passed. Is there any trick to tell Travis know that the test is fail?

My test code is: https://travis-ci.org/andytruong/at_demo_travis/builds/12999422

Thank you

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The test-run is outputting XML and reporting success on the generation, which is useful for Jenkins, but not Travis CI.

drush test-run --xml 'Andy Truong'

Change that to

drush test-run 'Andy Truong'

And you should be set.

For reference, see https://drupal.org/project/travis_ci_drupal_module_example and https://travis-ci.org/sonnym/travis-ci-drupal-module-example


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