how can we create a select list in webform containing the list of node titles of specific content type.

I have a product content type through which I have added several product nodes. Now I want to create an inquiry form which should allow the visitors to select the *products from the select list about which they want to send inquiry.

*the products in the select list will be the product node titles.

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Check out https://groups.drupal.org/node/71588 for providing dynamic select options to the webform module. You'll have to specify the content type, but here's a query that can be used to populate it (replace product with the machine name of the content type):

SELECT nid, title FROM {node} WHERE type = 'product' AND status = 1 ORDER BY title ASC

Webform Views Select is designed for this.

This module will let you populate a webform select component with data from a view.


Webform References is another option for this.

Provides a webform component that can reference a node/term/user in webform. It provides "Select List", "Autocomplete", "Checkbox" and "Radio" as widget.

A view with entityreference display can also be used to get the list as options.

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