I created a View called Recent comments and added a block to my dashboard. Afterwards, I deleted the View, which results in an empty block on my dashboard

Empty block

and the following error message:

Notice: Undefined index: recent-comments-block in dashboard_page_build() (line 192 of

I tried to drag the empty block away after clicking Customize dashboard, but every time I hit Done, it is displayed again. Clearing caches did not help either.

What should I do to get rid of the empty block?

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    I had the same problem. If you customize it via the admin/dashboard/configure page instead of the Customize dashboard button, it should not appear again.(You should first delete the empty blocks from database)
    – Nima
    Commented Oct 27, 2013 at 5:07

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I think this is a long-standing issue with dashboard blocks. See the discussion, and several patches, here: https://drupal.org/node/936798

I haven't tried any of these patches myself.

If you just want to get rid of the error, I believe you can delete inactive blocks in the database directly, as described here: https://drupal.org/node/1202500

The gist is that you look for and remove blocks in the block table where region = dashboard_inactive


Fast Solution:

  1. Create a new block view with the same machine name (recent-comments)
  2. Disable the block from dashboard configuration page admin/dashboard/configure - make sure to set the region to none.
  3. Delete the created block view in step 1

Another solution:

Delete the deleted block (recent-comments-block) from database directly

DELETE FROM `block` WHERE `delta` like 'recent-comments-block';

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