I have multisite DRUPAL6.26 website using VIEWS 3.0 module in it.

Both sites are install in single DB.
The first/parent site has no prefix for its tables.EX: node,block,role etc..
The second/childsite has prefix of child. EX: child_node,child_block,child_role etc..

I have a VIEW showing all pictures uploaded by user in there PARENT site account.
And the same VIEW for CHILD site showing pictures that they upload on CHILD site.

What I want is to show all pictures in PARENT site account of user whether they upload on PARENT site OR CHILD site.

[users are shared between the 2 sites.]

Any help of 'views master' required :)

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There's a hook for exposing custom fields to Views: hook_views_data()

Describe table structure to Views.

This hook should be placed in MODULENAME.views.inc and it will be auto-loaded. This must either be in the same directory as the .module file or in a subdirectory named 'includes'.

The full documentation for this hook is in the advanced help.

The link also includes example code.

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