I want to increase the radioactivity level after flagging the node. But I don't know exactly how to set the value.

If I fill in the value form field with 60, the Radioactivity text field will increase over 200.

So maybe the action settings are wrong. What is the difference between the following actions?

  • add an incident to a field
  • set the energy of a field

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You can do any custom logic you want using the Rules module which integrates with the radioactivity module.

Add an incident to a field - this increments or decrements the energy level by a specified amount. Set the energy of a field - this sets the energy level to the specified amount.

  • Thank you Thomas, but when i "set" the energy level it will also increase? Maybe my condition settings are wrong.
    – Michi
    Commented Oct 29, 2013 at 8:27

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