Just to start with I am trying to do this in code (installation profile), not in Drupal itself.

In my installation profile I create three text formats. Thanks to the drush make file tinymce is also automaticly installed. Now wysiwyg gives you the option to assign the editor to a text format. See image below how the option looks in Drupal.


Now I am wondering how I could change the 'No editor' to 'TinyMCE' in my installtion profile. After changing the option in drupal itself then the database changes to: (see image below)


What is the right way to do this and how can I change these module settings?

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Looking through the WYSIWYG modules' code when saving the form, it implements:

  ->key(array('format' => 'full_html'))
    'editor' => 'tinymce',

So that's what I suspect you'll need to put into your install profile

  • Thanks, and you have any idea how to change settings, such as which button should be enabled in tinymce? EDIT: Never mind got it fixed, just copied the code from the database and added it to the fields like you did above.
    – mparryy
    Commented Oct 30, 2013 at 9:26

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