I my .info file I have this:

regions[footermenu] = Footer Menu

The region--footer.tp.php has this:

    print render($page['footermenu']);

I've placed a menu block in the "Footer Menu" (it shows up under structure->blocks). However, it's blank. If I place the block in region I know works the menu content is seen fine. Any idea why the region wouldn't see the block?

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as your question doesn't have any proper explanation, people most likely cant help you. but I can guess that what you are doing wrong is that you make a region--footer.tpL.php file (you missed the L in the end), you also need to render it on the page you want it there to be, so practically it wont show you anything since its not rendering at all.

my suggestion is forget about region--footer.tpl.php and add

    print render($page['footermenu']);

right into your page.tpl.php or any other theme hooks you might want it there.

by the way a very rookie mistake is that you already done everything right but after editing your .info file you forgot to clear the cache in admin/config/settings/development/performance

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