I am trying to retrieve the product IDs. I can find a product SKU by looking on the product page and using commerce_product_load_by_sku() to load it.

How can I find the actual ID? I would like to use it in commerce_cart_product_add_by_id().


According to the docs I found here commerce_product_load_by_sku($sku) will return a $product object and one of the properties is product_id.

$product = commerce_product_load_by_sku($sku);

The product object looks something like this:

[product_id] => 5
[sku] => EX151
[type] => class
[language] => und
[title] => Example Product
[uid] => 1
[status] => 1
[created] => 1316634672
[changed] => 1316639451
[data] => 
[commerce_price] => Array
        [und] => Array
                [0] => Array
                        [amount] => 12500
                        [currency_code] => USD
                        [data] => Array
                                [components] => Array





If you do not need the id to be retrieved in a function but just for a quick check, do

  1. Install module commerce_backoffice, if it is not already part of your Drupal Commerce install.
  2. In views, find the view Commerce Backoffice: All Product variations. View this view.
  3. Hover over a product title. See the product_id as the last part of the corresponding status message in your browser, ie. example.com/admin/commerce/products/1.
  4. You may want to alter the view by adding a column showing the product_id directly.

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