I have an exposed filter in Views that uses the Grouped filters option to present choices to users. By default, an <Any> option is provided. My site is multilingual, so I want to translate this:

exposed filter

I am using the i18n suite of modules as well as i18nviews. I first searched using the Translate interface screen at admin/config/regional/translate/translate and I translated <Any>; however, when viewing the page, <Any> is still displayed, not the translated value.

There appears to be no option to customize the <Any> text within the Views UI.

I am able to translate the (user-defined) grouped filter options using i18n and i18nviews through the Translate Interface screen.

What do I need to do to translate <Any>?

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It turns out that there is a bug in Views at the moment, so I wrote a patch.

Once you apply the patch (or once the patch is committed to Views), you can translate as part of the built-in interface through the Translate Interface screen.

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