I created a content type which contains among other infos, some pictures

I'm using views with exposed filters to render them on the page (the images are thumbnails)

How can i create a link on the thumbnails that will start a gallery (big pop-up modal img slider) that include only the pictures in each content?

Here is what i can link pictures to atm (i'm looking for some other options for this drop down menu)

  • It sounds like what you're looking for is a particular piece of content that has a set of photos that you want displayed in a gallery like fashion? Is this correct? Sorry I had trouble making out what you wanted from the description you gave. Aug 11, 2011 at 14:00

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Try the Colorbox module; it is great and very configurable, and it has also an image-format option for the Views module.


You can use Colorbox module to do this. -Install Color Box -Edit your view image field formatter to be Colorbox not Image. -Choose node style which would be displayed in the normal page -Choose Colorbox style which would be displayed in the pop-up modal (colorbox, lightbox ...) -In the Gallery Option (image grouping) Choose per page gallery ...

That's it

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