I'm working with a client that has a media temple server (gs)-gridserver. its a shared environment, but i do have access to the shell.

How would i go about installing drush for an account like this?

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  1. Place drush into your home (~) folder under something like ~/drush/
  2. Create or edit ~/.bash_profile and add the following: alias drush='~/drush/drush'; this creates an alias called 'drush' that will execute drush's main file.
  3. If you need to specify which version of PHP to use, add export DRUSH_PHP=/path/to/php.
  4. Run source ~/.bash_profile to reload the .bash_profile file.

At this point you should be able to use the drush command.

In unrelated news: if you can, move your client off MediaTemple. Their database servers are in a physically different location from their web servers, which is an absolute nightmare for applications with a ton of database queries (read: Drupal).


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