I want to add a tab to the user profile that shows the logged in user which other users have viewed his/her profile. I want to control this list in Views.

Until recently, I have been using the User Visits module. However, this module does not integrate with Views and is no longer actively maintained.

I started building this using Views, Rules, and Flag. Specifically, I created a flag Viewed profile, and then made a Rule to automatically flag a profile when a user visits another user's profile.

I then created a view of users with two displays.

My View

The first display, Profiles I visited, has a relationship to the Viewed profile flag and simply lists all profiles flagged (visited) by the current user. Easy.

Now I want to create a second display, Users who have visited me. In this case, I want to display all the users who have flagged the current user. However, I can't figure out how to do this.

I can add a relationship, Flags (by any user), but there could quickly be 10,000+ such flags on my site, so I am worried about the performance implications of loading all the flags like that. Also, even if I load all the flags, I don't see how to easily filter them to users who have flagged the current user.

Instead, it seems like it would be easier to create a second flag, User who viewed me, and attach both flags (Viewed profile and User who viewed me) with a rule at the same time when a user visits a profile. However, this seems like unnecessary duplication of information to me, since both flags link the same two users at the same time. Is there a more elegant way to display this data in Views that will not lead to performance issues down the line?


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  1. Add a relationship, Flags: User's flaggings for your flag. Uncheck Include only users who have flagged content.
  2. Add a contextual filter, Flags: Content ID and set Provide default value to User ID from logged in user.

This was not intuitive, but it appears to do the trick.

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