I installed drupal commons 7.3.4,

I want to ADD an additional language. I try to follow this manual:


go to Configuration > Regional and language > Languages

But there's no "Languages" section under "Regional settings"

I tried to enter the URL manually, but it brings me to "regional settings".

I enabled

  • Locale
  • content translation
  • Entity Translation
  • Variable admin
  • Internationalization
  • ...

i also flipped-flopped in the air, and prayed to budhha.

but there's no "Languages" in Regional settings.

What am I missing?


You're misreading the instructions (they're correct) and as a result, you're looking in the wrong place. It is not in "Regional settings".

Start by clicking on "Configuration" on the admin toolbar. Then scroll down the page until you see a box with the heading "Regional and language". Inside that box, below "Regional settings", you should see the link to "Languages"

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