Using views slideshow I want to be able to control what nodes of content type "slides" show depending on what URL, any ideas? for example on page-front I would like to show slide1 and slide2, on node/43 I would like to show slide3 and slide4.

Having separate views is not an option because this is a slider that is on hundreds of pages and different content types.


Would you be better off having two separate views for the two URLs? If you do need this done in a single view, you will need to write custom module that adds filters to the view. Try using contrib module called views_arg_context

  • we want to do this for every url of the site that has this view, it is on multiple content types and hundreds of pages. – albo Nov 4 '13 at 1:50

Normally answer is Contextual Filters; but i am not sure that i understood your problem definately. What is your criterion (nid, content type, date, taxonomy etc.) to relate node/43 and slides 3-4? If there is a relation between node/43 and slides 3-4, then you can filter them using Contextual Filters (Or, if possible, you could need to create a Relationship first.). If there is no relation/criterion, you could add an additional field to relevant content type(s) and fill it manually or automatically, then filter by its value.

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