I've trying to get the querystring from within a module.

I've tried the following. However the following always returns A


$l = "A";
if ( !empty($_SERVER['l']) ) {
    $l = $_SERVER['l'];

/* edit */

    $l = "A";
if ( !empty($_GET ['l']) ) {
  $l = $_GET ['l'];


The query string is stored in $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'], the same way as when not using Drupal. You can access the individual variables of the query string using the $_GET array, the same way as when not using Drupal (with one exception: $_GET['q'] is the canonical Drupal path, not the one assigned using the Path module).

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  • thanks just changed above. Is there any reason the $_GET shouldn't work above? This is inside my module page function. – frosty Aug 11 '11 at 19:31

Oswald is correct. Alternatively, in Drupal 7, you can use drupal_get_query_parameters():

$query_parameters = drupal_get_query_parameters();
if (!empty($query_parameters['l'])) {
  $l = $query_parameters['l']
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