I installed the latest recommanded release of CKEditor, but when I tried to change content authoring I got an error saying it wasn't installed properly.

So I tried uninstalling it by doing:

  • disable module ckeditor
  • uninstall
  • tried to look for the module in my project and delete there also (site/all/modules) but it isn't present

When I trie to reinstall (dev version) I get:

  • Archivers can only operate on local files: temporary://update-cache-235f2e3c/ckeditor-7.x-1.x-dev.tar.gz not supported and then when I trie the same link a second time:
  • CKEditor is already installed.

Also clearing the cache in development doesn't work. How can I properly delete and reinstall ckeditor?

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  1. Disable the Module
  2. Uninstall the Module
  3. Delete the Module folder from sites/all/modules
  4. Remove the CkEditor folder from site/all/libraries
  5. Clear the Cache
  6. Copy the CkEditor Module to site/all/modules folder
  7. Copy the Downloaded CkEditor to sites/all/libraries folder
  8. If in *nix systems, check the folder permissions. (Most of the time this happens to be the issue)
  9. Enable the Module as usual.

More info is given CkEditor docs

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