I've built a form at http://dev.vies.dk/tilmelding. In the backend, it is easy to send e-mails to people filling out the form.

However, I need to send additional e-mails to other people based on some of the answers in the webform, namely the subjects they choose and the sex they have.

Subject         Female       Male
Soccer          mail@mail.dk mail@mail.dk
Handball        my@mail.dk   your@mail.dk
Kayak           mail@mail.dk mail@mail.dk
Dance           be@mail.dk   eb@mail.dk
Biking          sv@mail.dk   ls@mail.dk

Is there a hook, where this can be programmed, so I can achieve what I want?


Yes, you want to use hook_mail_alter() in a custom module. This will intercept the outgoing email from Drupal and allow you to add programming logic to the process. For example you could:

  • Load the webform in question and view its results.
  • alter the to value of the $message to meet your needs.

'to': The address or addresses the message will be sent to. The formatting of this string will be validated with the PHP e-mail validation filter.

  • How would you load the webform, because when I grasp that, I think I might be good to go? Nov 6 '13 at 19:41
  • You probably dont want the webform itself, you want the submission by a given user. You want to look at the webform API, and at least the function webform_get_submissions. Also if you simply do a node_load() on a NID with a webform -- you get the webform itself back as apart of the Node.
    – tenken
    Nov 6 '13 at 20:36

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